OPAREO, a pareo with a twist...

If you’ve ever wondered how a simple pareo can transform into a dress, a beach bag, or a graceful way to changing out of a swimsuit on a crowded beach, we have the answer.
Your pareo opareo is made out of high-grade 130gr/m² weight rayon.*
For conversion into its multiple forms, your opareo has hidden talents: five buttons and and a string, all tucked away into a seam.

The pareo:  100X180cm, including fringes.
The dress:  adjustable shoulder straps allow you to modify the length you desire (about 36 to 52).
The changing cabin:  rests on your shoulders as you change in and out of
Swimsuits and street clothes.

The beachbag:  adjustable shoulder straps so that you can use it as a backpack, or messenger bag.

Each Opareo is delivered to you with an easy-to-follow user manual.
* Rayon is issuing of the wooden cellulose and is then totally recyclable



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